Miami Needs Heroes!

Miami is the city of vice, built on sex, drugs, and crime. And crime has only gotten worse with the influx of super villains moving in from the larger, more protected cities. It’s now up to you as the first official superhero team for the Miami Metropolitan Area to defend its people from all evil doers.


What This Campaign is About

You all will be playing Miami’s first government funded superheroes, set to defend the city from villains, disasters, and other malevolent forces. The tone is a bit lighter, with it similar to the old Justice League cartoons from the 2000’s. Since everyone will be like super powered cops, things like indiscriminate killing won’t fit with the setting. So Punisher or Wolverine type characters would be out.


Campaign Guidelines

This game will be using the Savage Worlds Deluxe rulebook and the Super Powers Companion 2 supplement. Character creation will be as followed:

  • Four Color Supers (45 Points) & Super Karma available
  • Starts at Novice rank
  • Setting Rules: Blood and Guts (SWD ), Combined Attack (SPC2 ), Fanatics (SWD ), Joker’s Wild (SWD ), Knockback (SPC2 ), Synergy (SPC2 ), Power Stunts and Tricks (SPC2 ), Unarmed Defender (SPC2 )
  • For Bennies, I tend to give them out whenever someone does something really awesome, plays up a Hindrance, or accepts a negative genre trope (like being captured by the enemy, or the bad guy getting away the first time). The latter will be something I won’t abuse.
  • Everyone will have a superhero HQ in Downtown Miami as well as basic vehicles, boats, and aircraft provided. You all start with $2000 as starting cash for personal gear, though other types of generic gear will be provided.

In addition to the mechanical parts, here are some good questions to answer to help flesh out the character and help them fit the setting into their backstory (and vice versa).

  • What is your character’s secret identity?
  • Where/when are they from?
  • How did they receive their powers?
  • Why are they a superhero?
  • Do they have a nemesis? Multiples of them?
  • What do they hate and like?
  • Who are the important people in their lives?
  • What is their relationship to their teammates?
  • What secrets do they keep?

These questions aren’t mandatory, but they will help to really flesh out your super hero and make them feel like part of a living, breathing world.

Magic City Defenders

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