Magic City Defenders

SoFlo's Finest: Magic City Defenders #2
Rooftop Rumble for the Ruby!

As we last left our heroes, Dr. Azoth has escaped the penthouse ambush laid by the Defenders. However, they had learned that he is after the catalyst, revealed to be none other than the Philosopher’s Stone. Knowing that the good doctor is after the stone, the Defenders grabbed the stone from LarsTech and formulated a plan.

The Philosopher’s Stone was attached to a wrestling heavyweight champion belt and suspended on the roof of Citadel Tower, the Defenders’ HQ, above a wrestling mat to entice Dr. Azoth to grab it. The stone was charged with energy so that when it struck the doctor, his powers would be nullified. Now they just had to wait for Dr. Azoth…

And so he came, but with a great deal of back-up, as his Chemtroopers descended from helicopters to attack the heroes. It was a hard fought battle, with everyone coming close to being gravely wounded by the Chemtroopers, transmuted concrete golems, and Dr. Azoth’s life-siphon touch. But the Defenders prevailed! Alan Gator’s homage to Randy “The Macho Man” Savage’s elbow dive cleaved a concrete golem in half, and Blur threw several Chemtroopers off of the Citadel Tower with a well-timed whirlwind.

But this angered Dr. Azoth, and he grew large, summoning another concrete golem to fight and sapping Alan Gator’s life force to empower himself. The Defenders teamed up against the gargantuan chemist, with Sea Ghost surging his whole body into the doctor, paralyzing him with pain. This made it easy for Blur to run up the towering alchemist and grab the belt, following up with a powerful strike of the championship belt, depowering Doctor Azoth and disabling him. The Defenders captured the villain and sent him off to the Big House.

With two villain battles under their belts, it seems like the Magic City Defenders are off to a great start. And in the face of their critics, the Defenders have a 90% approval rating. But what evils lurk in the street of Miami to combat our heroes? Check out the next weekly issue of… Magic City Defenders!!


SoFlo's Finest: Magic City Defenders #1
Beware... the Alchemical Malcontent!

The inaugural issue of the Magic City Defenders starts in the middle of a bank heist turned hostage situation. Our heroes arrived to the scene to the cantankerous cryomancer, the grumpy geriatric. the senile sinister Snowbird! Armed with formidable ice powers and a team of mercenaries, it would take guile and cunning to free the civilians and save the day.

And the Defenders had it in spades!

Alan Gator, the South Florida heavyweight champion, distracted Snowbird and his cronies with a megaphone, allowing Sea Ghost, the exile from Atlantis, to teleport Blur and Devil’s Eye into a safe area in the building. Sea Ghost also sent his water clones through the air vents along with Devil’s Eye to ambush the mercenaries and save the hostages. Without a minute to spare, Blur burst through the door passed some guards and disabled the bad guys in the first room with some well placed stun clubs. Devil’s Eye dropped from the ceiling and using her concussive marbles, she was able to clear out any hostiles in the room. This left the Sea Ghost water clones to attack the remaining mercenaries.

Alan Gator leaped to the second floor of the bank, crashing through the wall and challenging Snowbird to a showdown. Unfortunately for the wrestler, Snowbird packed quite a punch for an old man and blasted Alan and Sea Ghost with an ice burst, narrowly missing the Atlantean but smacking Gator hard. Sea Ghost was able to disable the Snowbird and they could take him into custody.

After the adulation of the Miami citizens, it was shown by Defender director Matt Donahue that the bank heist was a diversion to the real heist. A masked villain and his cronies broke into LarsTech, the largest chemical research company in Miami, and stole a chemical compound for a dietary pill. They looked at a security video of the villain touching a steel door and turning it into water, then entering.

Unconvinced at the nature of the item stolen, the group split up. Sea Ghost and Alan Gator interrogated the scientist in charge of the project, Dr William Nygel, where they learned the chemical was actually a weapon developed alongside the DoD to recreate the legendary Super Soldier Serum from the 40’s. The old scientist in charge, Dr. Alexander Argo, seemed desperate for success and injected himself with an altered form of the serum. Unfortunately, he melted into a puddle of primordial scum and the incident was covered up.

Meanwhile, Blur collected some samples and found an unusual purple substance in the drainage. The team reconvened with Devil’s Eye, who brought up some files about Dr. Argo, including the security footage from the fateful night of his demise. On the film, he had a strange glowing ruby that he was distilling and mixing into the chemical. Sea Ghost knew right away it was magical, but not what it was. Whatever it was, it changed Dr. Argo that day. In addition, they say the footage from the heist, where the villain turns into a purple liquid and escapes through the drain. Sea Ghost checked the drain that Blur found with the violet residue and followed down, where it led to a sewers outside and a manhole that was unnaturally rusted to the point of dust, most likely leading to a parked escape vehicle.

Suddenly, one of Sea Ghost’s clones contacted the Atlantean, warning him that Dr. William was going to meet up with the criminal. The heroes followed, with Devil’s Eye staying behind to discover any more information. Alan, Blur, and Sea Ghost listened in on the conversation, where it is revealed that the crime was caused by none other than Dr. Argo, who has now christened himself as Doctor Azoth! Wanting to take back the serum that made him who he was, Azoth now demands to know where the catalyst is, referring to the red stone in the footage. In an attempt to capture the villain, the Defenders ambushed Dr. Azoth, but the good doctor turned into sarin gas and escaped through the air vents, but not before passing through Sea Ghost in an attempt to harm him.

Will our heroes be able to stop this new menace? What is Doctor Azoth’s goal with the catalyst and more importantly, what is the red stone that he desires? Find out more in the next issue of… Magic City Defenders!


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