Devil's Eye

Exploding marble tosser with a knack for gadgets



AGI: d8
SMA: d10
SPI: d8
STR: d6
VIG: d8

Parry: 4
Toughness: 9
Charisma: 0


Investigation: d6
K: Engineering: d10 (4 points)
Repair: d10 (4 points)
Stealth: d8 (3 points)
Taunt: d8
Throwing: d8 (3 points)


Trademark Weapon: Marbles


Enemy (Major): The Russian Bratva
Vengeful (Minor):
Vow (Minor): Clean up Sunny Isles Neighborhood


Deflection: -3 against Ranged Attacks

Invent: Level 6; On the Fly (15 points)

Marbles: Attack; Switchable (+4); Requires Material (-2, Small objects like marbles or darts); (15 points)

  • Normal Marbles: Attack 6d6, AP 2, Range 24/48/96
  • Rapid Marbles: Attack 4d6, AP 2, ROF 3
  • Big Shooters: Attack 6d6, AoE Medium, Heavy Weapon

Super Attributes: Spirit d8, Vigor d8 (8 points)

Super Edge: Trademark Weapon (2 points)

Super Skill: Taunt d8


Body Armor (+4 Armor; Negates up to AP 4)


Maura Murphy grew up in a working class family that ran a small store in the city. The mafia wanted the storefront, her family wasn’t willing to give it up. Before long they forced her family out of business and onto the streets. Unable to cope with life on the streets, her parents grew ill. It wasn’t long before Maura’s parents passed, leaving their young daughter alone and angry. She vowed revenge.

A family friend, upon hearing of the family’s fate, tracked Maura down and took her in. At first he would bring her to his motosport shop to keep on eye on her. The shop became her second home, spending her time watching, learning, tinkering with old equipment. After seeing her interest in electronics and mechanics, he began to teach her, and when she was old enough let her work in the shop.

Devil's Eye

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