Sea Ghost: Atlantean Exile




Agility: d10 (3 points)
Smarts: d8 (1 points, 1 advance)
Spirit: d6 (1 point)
Strength: d4 (0 points)
Vigor: d4 (0 points)

SKILLS (15 points + 1 from hindrances)

d12 Swimming [5 super skill points]
d12 Fighting [4 points + 1 super skill point]
d10 Stealth [4 points]
d10 Shooting [4 points]
d6 Knowledge (Magic) [2 points]
d6 Intimidation [2 points]


Charisma: 0
Pace: 6
Parry: 12
Toughness: 4 (6 with Kevlar. 8 with Kevlar, againt bullets.)


Edge: Acrobat

  • +2 to all Agility rolls made to perform acrobatic maneuvers, including Trick maneuvers
  • +1 to Parry as long as he has no encumbrance penalty

Edge: Linguist

  • Starts with 3 languages (English, Atlantean, and Spanish?)
  • May roll Smarts at -2 to be understood any language or dialect which he has heard for a week or more.

Hindrance: Dependency (MAJOR)

  • Must be immersed in water for one hour out of every 24 hours. If not, suffers Fatigue each day until incapacitated.. A day after that, dies.
  • For every hour spent in water after being Fatigued, one level of Fatigue goes away.

Hindrance: Enemy (MAJOR)

  • New Ruler of Atlantis

Hindrance: Weakness vs. Electricity (MINOR)

  • If hit with electricity, suffers +4 damage, and -4 to resist any other effects.

POWERS (55 points)

Doesn’t Breathe [2 points]

Altered Form: Made of Animated Water [8 points]

  • Can stretch his body, altering Size by 3 in either direction
  • Has no vital organs, and so is immune to Called Shots
  • GRAPPLE – +2 when using Grapple
  • REPLENISH – When in contact with enough water, may take an action, and make a Vigor roll. Success heals a wound. Success with a raise heals two wounds.
  • VISCOUS – Can ooze through any opening which isn’t watertight

Teleportation: Water Warp [10 points]

  • Turns into water and disappears. Elsewhere, water congeals from the air to form the character.
  • 48" range (288 feet)
  • Free action, but is the movement for its round
  • Must roll Smarts at -2 if can’t see target, or -4 if has never seen the location.
  • If teleportation roll fails, appears back at initial location and is shaken.
  • If teleportation roll is 1 on the Smarts die (regardless of result from Wild die), take 3d6 damage.
  • Can carry people by touching them while teleporting, but must roll, and take a -1 per extra person.
  • TRAVERSE – Can teleport 100 miles with 1 round of concentration, 1000 miles with two rounds, 15 000 miles with three rounds.
  • While concentrating for long-range teleportation, anyone attacking this character has The Drop on him.

Super skills [6 points]:

  • Swimming + 5 points
  • Fighting + 1 points

Melee Attack: Watery Attack [13 points]

  • ATTACK LEVEL 2 – +2d6 damage to unarmed attack
  • ARMOR-PIERCING 4 – Bypasses 8 points of armor
  • FOCUS – If no other actions (including movement) are taken, character can bypass an inanimate object or vehicle’s armor entirely.
  • Stackable – Damage may be stacked with hand weapons.

Duplication: Watery clones [8 points]

  • Can create up to two watery clones.
  • Clones look slightly off, and can be distinguished with a Notice roll at -2.
  • If the character dies while a duplicate survives, a duplicate becomes the main character.

Chameleon: Water-sculpting [8 points]

  • To see through the disguise, someone familiar with the mimicked form must roll Notice at -2.
  • INANIMATE OBJECT – Can shift into inanimate objects
  • VOICE – Can perfectly emulate voices. To tell the difference, a person familiar with the voice needs to roll Notice -4.


Kevlar Vest: Torso only, negates 4 AP, 2 armor (4 vs bullets).
M1 Rifle: Range 24/48/96, Damage 2d8, AP 2, Semi-Auto
Glock (9mm): Range 12/24/48, Damage 2d6, AP 1, Semi-Auto
Short Sword: Str+d6 damage


Sea Ghost: Atlantean Exile

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